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If you own a drill, you NEED the EasyDrill™ 

Let you drill and work - even in the smallest of spaces! Expand your reach with our FLEXIBLE DRILL EXTENSION 

Simple household DIY projects such as installing door knobsdrapesshelvesdecorations, or anything else can be frustrating and time consuming!

It seems like you never have enough space for your drill or screwdriver!  This turns a simple project with a few screws into a hassle!

The EasyDrill's™ flexible shaft makes diy projects a breeze, it fits anywhere!


 Save Time

Use just one tool, and take advantage of the speed of an electric drill for tight jobs that could normally only be finished with specialized small screwdrivers


 Save Money

 Trying to force your drill to work at an angle strips out bits and screws, costing you money!

 Eliminate Hassle

 Get the job done right without having to fight with tight spaces and conventional drill bits


EASYDRILL™      $14.99



  • What you should consider is choosing an electric drill that can adjust the torque.
  • It can ensure that the flexible bit holder works better with the drill bit and never damages the bit holder.
  • When using the rotary drill, do not hold the torque too high.