Genius Car Phone Holder

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The most CONVENIENT, HANDS-FREE tool for SAFEST driving.

Genius Car Phone  Holder holds smartphones right above the dashboard by a simple clip. It ensures clear front driving viewwithout obscuring any viewpoint for 100% safe driving.

Enjoy driving, using GPS, listening to calls / music without looking away from front viewpoints. You can also adjust angle, placing it either landscape/portrait with anti-slip feature for the perfect and stable viewing position.


  • Excellent View Position and Safe Driving
    Clips to the dashboard and works as well as the HUD system to keep your eyes in line with the road without obscuring driving view.
  • Adjustable Viewing Angle
    Clip the car smartphones holder on the dashboard and adjust the angle up to 120 degree.

      - Stable and Non-slip

      - Anti-scratch Protection

      - Large Flexible Clip

      - Quick and Easy installation