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We all love petting our cats, so why not turn it into a great massage session? Spending quality time with your cat (or each of your cats, if you have more than one) is important to keep your bond strong. We want our cats to trust us with their lives as we provide for them, so making them feel comfortable being around us is important. Cats are known for being independent creatures, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need human attention. More often than not, our cats want to spend as much time with us and we’re able to provide.


  • It does no harm to your cat and won't make them feel panic

  • Rechargeable and safe charging base. Give your cat a perfect massage anywhere without an annoying wire, get a full charge one time

  • 3 Modes adjustable, simple operation and easy to take

  • Special curve, easy to carry by hand

  • 4 Heads and 76 massage contacts each working both in Clockwise & Anti-Clockwise Rotation to imitate human fingers provide your cat an unforgettable massage

  • Multifunction and Widely Used: applicable for your cat, your dog and perfect for yourself, massage your neck, shoulder, legs or other body parts with it

  • The massager is waterproof

  • Bidirectional massage work:   

             Press once: start

             Press twice: change speed

             Press thrice: change direction

  • Material: ABS and Silicone (non-toxic, tasteless, durable)

Benefits of Giving Your Cat a Massage:

  • Offers both mental and physical relaxation

  • Soothe emotions

  • Improve Circulation and maintains health

  • Combing hair to prevent knotting

  • Clean up floating hair and prevent hairball

  • Spend quality time together

Package includes:

1 X Cat Massager

1 X Charging base

1 X USB Cable

1 X Manual


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