Emergency USB Charger

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Are you staying outdoors and can't plug your charger anywhere?

Keep your phone alive in an emergency with this brand new invention! Our Hand Crank Charger is the perfect accessory for any camping, fishing, or hiking trip! Easy to carry, Always ready to use and can save your life!
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36000+ Travelers are already using the Hand Crank Charger. Are you ready for emergencies?


  • Charges your mobile Phone without using grid electricity,sunlight,cells or batteries.
  • Saves you money AND is safe to use and does NOT harm or damage your mobile phone.
  • Is reusable and convenient for travel being lightweight and compact.
  • It has an inbuilt extra flashlight.


Hand holding the charger, black handle on your right hand crank.
Will the USB interface insert affiliated connecting charger USB port place.
Choose a cell phone with you match joints, will it and connections at the other end of the room.
Finally, will insert your phone connector. So you can charge.
Be careful to take down the charger black handle, and then press the same direction by 100 a minute-120 lap rate.
Turn the handle. You shake the more time, your cell phone standby time and call the longer time.